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Red Rabbits is a design and web development agency based in Oslo, Norway. We build visual identities and web environments surrounding products and services, to make them stand out. Our clients include both startups who need a solid foundation, and established brands who need a reliable design and web development partner. We put pride into every design element and every line of code that we create.

  • Web Development

    We specialise in developing well structured and engaging websites. Together we can craft a powerful communication and sales tool for your brand. We will guide you through the process from strategy, information architecture, visual and interactive design, technical development and all the way to the launch of your amazing new website.

  • Identity & Design

    Our work includes creating and refining visual identities, as well as small and large scale graphic design and production, ranging from ads to entire magazines and catalogs. Our focus is spread evenly between traditional printed media and digital media. We combine depth and experience with creative playfulness to deliver professional results with an edge.

  • Strategy

    For 16 years, we have been helping build and improve the businesses and brands for some amazing companies. This experience in working with such a wide variety of business models and brand strategies has allowed the agency to evolve. We offer unique perspectives on the intersection between business/brand/communication/web - and our role as an advisor has grown into a key component in creating success stories with our clients.


We Enjoy Working With Brands Like

key features

  • Memorability

    A fresh approach to brand strategy and visual communication. Get an image that stands out in the crowd and start growing your brand.

  • Compact & efficient teams

    A compact and refined machine, with a solid structure and efficient processes, for high-end results in fewer hours. This is one of our main competitive advantages, something that has resulted in zero losses when competing with other agencies.

  • Efficient brand strategy

    We help you shape the strategic core of your brand's identity and communication, with an efficient brand strategy process that scales down to even the smallest brands we work with.

  • High end websites

    Solid websites crafted with pride, fully packed for the mobile age. A highly skilled team of designers and developers guide you through our exciting and detailed web development process.

  • Understanding people

    Good people with an understanding of how people think. We can help to predict brand perception in a target audience, as well as create engaging stories and interactive experiences.

  • A way with words

    Our design team is equipped with lethal tongues, adding some creative and strategic written communication to the mix. This feature speeds and freshens up the design process, while potentially cutting down on copywriting budgets.

  • Communication and collaboration

    Clear and efficient communication and suitable tools for sharing and collaborating are important parts of a well structured, efficient, enjoyable and predictable process.

  • Structure & perfection

    Every designer and developer at Red Rabbits is both a perfectionist and a structure freak. Everything is done for a reason. Every detail is handled with care. We are constantly tuning processes towards perfection.

  • Predictability

    An open and honest approach to processes, business and budgets, with fewer surprises.

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